Thursday, 1 September 2011

Fifty Campaigns to Shout About

While I was pregnant I wrote a book, Fifty Campaigns to Shout About. It's about issues that you should care about and what to do about them, from being nice to refugees to ending loneliness to cleaning up the seas. It's about changing the world one act at a time. It highlights the issues and makes concrete suggestions for things you could do to make a difference, from becoming a school governor to signing petitions to holding companies to account. It also has interviews with campaigners and case studies about successful campaigns so you can learn exactly how to write to an MP, hold an event or get the governments of the western world to drop third world debt. 

It is my second book. The first, The Noughtie Girl's Guide to Feminism, was published before I became pregnant. I guess then, in my pre baby days, I may have flippantly called it 'my baby'. Certainly I went all out to publicise it, talk about it and write about it. 

Fifty Campaigns to Shout About had competition however. It was published when my baby was five months old. Not only was I tired and incapable of writing articles to alert people to its existence, but I had a real baby on my mind. It slipped from my agenda a little. 

But my brain has come back a little now, I am less tired and I am raring to go. So forgive the self publicising (which all blogs are after all) but here is my nothing-like-a-baby-but-a-good-worthy-book-you-should-most-definitely-buy. 

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