Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Things to do on maternity leave when you're braindead

- I'm writing a novel
- Yes, me neither

I had thought that while I was on maternity leave I was going to write a novel.


Or in parent parlance, Ha ha bonk. (That, as Ahlberg fans will know, was the sound of me laughing so hard my head fell off.) Write a novel? I didn't even have time to read one. 


  1. I had big, BIG plans for my maternity leave namely to start my own baking business and write
    a recipe book.
    Most days, I don't even shower.

  2. Great blog title

    I thought I'd write a book and freelance while baby slept

  3. I was going to take up sewing. My mum compounded this fantasy by telling me babies sleep a lot so I'd have plenty of free time. Later she admitted the baby years are all a blur and she can't actually remember anything specific about them...