Thursday, 8 December 2011

The Mummy State #1: Reflective strips on every child's coat

The Mummy State. Where everything is banned or compulsory. 

Ideally I'd impose this on adults too, but the first rule of policy suggestions is not to alienate everybody all at once so let's stick to kids. I want a reflective strip on the coat of every child so they can be seen by motorists whatever the weather and whatever the time of day or night. I suppose you could just insist a strip is sewn on at home, but let's put the onus on retailers and designers and say there should be one on every child's coat sold in the UK. It's not that far fetched an idea - we expect cyclists to have lights on their bikes and cars to use their headlights in the dark. 

Just because it's compulsory doesn't mean it can't be funky of course. Make it a row of flowers or a lightening bolt, or perhaps a constellation of stars or a lion, but whatever you do, make it glow. 

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  1. I absolutely and 100% agree with you that reflective strips on children's coats should be made as compulsory as car seats and seat belts. I have an 11 year old granddaughter who walks home from school and has to cross a busy road. I have been looking for a funky coat for her that has high-vis strips. She won't wear a high-vis vest as this isn't "cool" (!). Reflective strips needn't be nerdy - they could look as cool as anything else.