Tuesday, 24 January 2012

A blog about the blog (again)

It amuses me no end that the most common search term that bring people to this blog is 'what does a baby peacock look like?'

Let's remind ourselves:

Though I have regular crises where I worry that maybe some people will believe that is really what a baby peacock looks like. So feel I should include this picture which is what some baby peacocks also look like:

The second most popular search term is 'What shall I wear to give birth?'.

Here is a suggestion from the NCT:

"Every pregnant woman deserves a little black dress to birth in! The Womama Birthing Wrap is the only clothing designed specifically for labour and birth, allowing you to feel comfortable and feminine on your special day. This beautifully light, practical wrap is made from super soft cotton and allows for quick easy access for skin-to-skin contact as soon as your baby is born."


And here is what one woman wore on One Born Every Minute - a bikini/skirt combo she designed herself:


(I mock, but she seemed to have a lovely birth in water without too much pain and with the bikini on throughout.)

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