Wednesday, 14 September 2011

A dress to give birth in - wtf!

I like to look through the catalogues of child related things I get sent and play a game with myself where I look for the most ridiculous purchases.

For a while I thought it was the sock-ons, sold at £4 a pop by Jojo Maman Bebe but I do at least concede that it's hard to keep socks on the feet of your baby and this product would do just that, though I personally am of the school of thought that thinks if your baby wants to pull their socks off they should be allowed to do so.

Yesterday though I received the Great LIttle Trading Company catalogue, full of mostly superfluous but really rather expensive items. Two in particular caught my eye for the ridiculous purchase game. The duvet grippers to stop your child's duvet falling off, and the inflatable bath spout cover. Yes, really.

Still, nothing has yet beat the NCT shop's Birthing and Maternity Dress so that you can feel feminine whilst giving birth. As if giving birth wasn't feminine enough. It's one of the many reasons why I have become ever so anti the NCT.


  1. While I agree that a dress to give birth in is rid-ic-ulous, when your baby starts refusing to sit in the bath and instead rush from end to end, sometimes slipping over hitting its head hard on the tap, you may find that the spout cover becomes a necessity. I have been looking for something like this for ages so thanks!!

  2. Pleased to be of service! Perhaps I will end up eating my words...

  3. Haha. Great stuff. Yep I felt like a right man while I was pushing new life out of my vagina. Wish I'd had floaty dress.

  4. ha. i use sock ons!! only cos i knit my own babysocks and need them to stay on to justify my hard work though.
    agree re the dress - who has time or energy to care about modesty when you're in labour.
    there are so many rip off things around