Friday, 19 August 2011

My name is Mummy, hear me roar!

Having a baby has given me a new means of gauging whether or not I like someone. They can be as mean to me as they wish, their look can be stony, their remarks can be cutting and their actions annoying, but if they look at my baby and tell me she's beautiful, if they make a face that causes her to smile, or pick her up and let her nuzzle her milky snotty spitty dribble into their collar, then I will like them. 

It's slightly annoying at times.  I've spent seven years harbouring a grudge against someone and just had to let it slide the moment they complimented how alert and lovely my little girl is. It's affirming at other times though - the person who has twice refused a cuddle, failed to enquire after her health even when prompted and not once told me what wonderful eyes or hair or smile she has or even given us the backhanded compliment of praising her personality, well I never liked them anyway. The difference now is that beforehand they had a chance of making our relationship better and now nothing they ever do will make me like them. 

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