Sunday, 7 August 2011

Why blog?

Since my daughter was born several months ago a number of people have asked me whether I have a blog yet. I've been a bit saddened that they expect me to be so cliched, after all every Thomasina, Dickette and Harriet is a mummy blogger these days, but when I say no it's not actually because I am trying to avoid being a cliche but because my brain has had barely a thought worth putting on paper, or screen, since giving birth. Turns out that 'baby brain' isn't a misogynistic attempt to put a woman down when she is at her most vulnerable after all, or rather isn't just a misogynistic attempt to put a woman down when she is at her most vulnerable. Rather it's a real condition created by the fact that every spare cell my brain has after remembering to breathe myself is spent on checking that the baby is breathing, and if there are any left over after that then they are used up wondering whether we've remembered to give her the medicine she must take, or thinking about when she last did a poo and whether it looked normal, or realising that weighing my breasts with my hands in public to check which one is fullest is not an acceptable activity. 

Then last week a eureka moment. I was driving, the baby was asleep in her car seat, I'd turned the radio off and  whoosh, a thought came into my head. Sure, it was connected to babies, but it was a thought nevertheless. It was followed by another, and another. And whilst I am not egotistical enough to think that anyone else wants to share my thoughts (I am actually, I am just pretending I'm not), now, nearly eight months after my daughter was born, I am, if not inundated by thoughts, then catching them pretty frequently, and feel it would be quite a good thing to have a place to write them down, expand on them and share them. And of course, there's nothing better for the soul than monitoring your blog stats and knowing that a total stranger got to your blog not because they find you fascinating but because it came top of a google search for 'milky tits', 'bladder control' or 'I got poo on me'. [Waves to the pervs who got here by mistake - well done on reading this far.]

So there you go, it's not 'I blog therefore I am' but rather 'I have started to think therefore I blog'. Let's see how long it lasts...


  1. Welcome to the nice world of mummy blogging. No, who am I kidding its not always nice, I mean we're all women, who don't sleep, who get PMT, who are a bit bitchy but mostly we are OK.
    If you need any help with anything, I've been there done that and if I don't know someone else will!!
    Have fun!

  2. Hooray! Am delighted to read your voice, always more than excited to know what you have to say about stuff.