Monday, 22 August 2011

The way you make me feel

You know how much you love your children, that primal animalistic way that means you would quite literally rip the throat of any predators out with your teeth, the way that means you can stare at them for hours congratulating yourself on how clever you are to have made them, the way their cry makes you cry in an instant, the way you cannot believe that someone as flawed as you can make someone as perfect as them, the way that if they look at something with longing you want to buy it for them, and how you can't bear the thought they will be old one day except the alternative is so much much worse, how you take anything anyone says that isn't an out and out compliment as a judgemental slur, and how if we didn't have running water you would be prepared to lick them clean, even the icky bits, and how your ambitions are now all for them and not for yourself, and the way you look at their face and see in it everybody who has ever been before them and everyone who will ever come after them and how even though you may be an athiest it's almost enough to make you believe in God. Well just a thought but that's probably how your parents felt, still feel even, about you. Mindblowing isn't it?

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  1. Agreed. After my baby was born I told my Mum I now understood how she felt about me. I sort of feel guilty that I feel more strongly about my daughter than about my mother and I also feel a bit sad that my daughter won't love me in the same way I love her. But all nature I suppose.

    Also spare a thought for those whose parents don't feel like that. I don't think it's true for everyone and feel lucky to have that love in my life.